For the last couple years, Scandinavian style is one of the most favorite design pattern and the trend is still growing. More and more apartments are being decorated in this certain style and furnished accordingly. There is no doubt, that Scandinavian furniture overwhelm other styles with its simplicity and uniqueness. With the perfect design, these furniture are also highly functional and universal for all kinds of interiors and homes. They fit perfectly both for smaller flats and larger apartments so you shouldn’t even ask yourself, if these furniture fits your place, because they surly do. Scandinavian furniture doesn’t require any strict rules or additions during decorating, so the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

History of Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian style comes from breakthrough of XIX and XX century, when Swedish architect and painter – Karl Larsson invented it. The artist created several different paintings with usage of watercolors in which he showed everyday life of his family. The background of the plot was the house, designed and decorated by artist’s wife – Karin Larsson. It’s interior were way different from what Scandinavians were used to, furniture were bright and smooth, same as wall paintings, which were full of wide range of colors. The amount of light coming to the rooms were stunning for current standards. All of these traits together caused, that Scandinavians started to decorate their house back then in this certain way and they still do nowadays.

What is worth considering while purchasing Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian furniture are stylish and elegant in every matter. There is a certain number of rules to ensure its best performance so it’s essential to get to know with all of them. Since furniture are meant to last for many years, one of the most important trait is the quality of materials used during manufacturing process. Only best and well known providers like may assure their customers of the highest quality of their Scandinavian furniture.
Another important matter to consider is picking relevant colors of our furniture to match them correctly to other decorations and devices in the room. Since Scandinavian style is rather raw and simple, it’s worth matching them with colorful wall paintings and additional decorations like flowers and candles but you also can’t ignore importance of providing vast amount of light. It is necessary to combine of all these matters to achieve magical and perfect look of your space.